Seun Egbegbe denies kidnapping Toyin but accuses her of adultery!

Toyin Aimakhu kidnap.

And so as expected,Toyin Aimakhu's boyfriend,Seun Egbegbe has reacted in the alleged kidnap story of his girl friend.From what i can make out here,Seun got jealous of his girl friend crying online over comedian Twyce who wanted to kill himself.But if Seun was intelligent enough,he would have seen that Toyin was playing to the gallery cos all those fake tears was unnecessary.Twyse also lives in the United Kingdom and not Nigeria.

Apparently ,all that has not stopped Seun from accusing his girlfriend of adultery in the said matter.These two are clearly of different mindsets,Seun does not think it is possible to cry
over someone wanting to commit suicide,and if you do,you must have a vested interest..Hmmmm

Anyway,Seun has come to explain himself,he comes across as very domineering,but i guess that is common among Nigerian men right?You also get the feeling that he has bought his way into Toyin's affection with him constantly mentioning his Range Rover which he gave to her...See what he says below...Warning,he is not too articulate with his thoughts,but i'm sure you will figure it out...
"Lol this is funny I don't do this but I really think Is needed cos i need to clear my hand off what I was wrongly accused of is it possible for a man to kidnap his woman living in his house as house wife if I kidnap her who will pay the randsom ask by the kidnappers am in my house when I read a post on Instagram that I kidnap my wife @aimakhutoyin let just give a clue of what happen i was at home in my living room this morning when my friends and family called me about toyin post on Instagram that she post another man as her crush and crying about the man on her page ur husband doing everything I want for u that is what is called adultry ,she left from my house this morning to kemi Korede movie shooting so I was angry and I went to the movie location I took her phone from her cos I don't want a slap on my face anymore i guess taking that step is not too much me how can I kiddnap a woman with my car of millions of naira I won't say more than dia but I know very soon the truth will be out soon#but the comedy I love about the all story is that she said I kiddnap her phone she kiddnap my rangerover jeep"

Just a question of thought,he called Toyin "My wife" When did these two get married? Na wa o...lol

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