Toyin Aimakhu rumoured to have been kidnapped by Boyfriend Seun Egbegbe!

Toyin Aimakhu and boyfriend Seun Egbegbe who allegedly kidnapped her.
Toyin Aimakhu Kidnapped.

I don't think i have ever known a year of so much drama in the Nigerian entertainment industry.Now its about Toyin Aimakhu being kidnapped by her boyfriend.Is this a movie? Toyin 
Aimakhu made a video yesterday where she cried for her friend comedian Twyse (See story Here)who wanted to commit suicide.This video apparently got the boyfriend Seun Egbegbe so mad that he came over to a location where Toyin was filming to cause a scene! Shortly after this,Toyin was said to have disappeared and was not able to be contacted on her phones or social media account by her friends and family.

One of Toyin's students at her film school sent a message to popular online blogger Instablog9ja.Here is what she revealed below about the incident......

 “Hi pls we noticed aunt Toyin Aimakhu was helping about the guy that wanted to commit suicide in
the UK, all of a sudden she didn’t say anything again and the next min a guy started uploading pictures and we tried calling her but it was just curses that was rained on us pls and she’s not at the location where she’s supposed to be pls. I’m dead serious I’m her student.
U see uncle Niyi did something terrible to my boss so she started dating this uncle Seun but last week, aunt told some of us her students that she wants to get over uncle Niyi that’s why she is dating uncle seun but last week wen pple started talking, she told us she was gonna break up with him cos she got a lot of mails from her fans abt uncle seun.

I guess she told uncle seun abt breaking up with him so he said never so aunt said she will be smart abt it so she came to Lagos to see him so today I got to her we left for location so the suicidal guy thing came and they r friends, so uncle seun now called her that she’s sleeping with the boy that’s why she’s doing all that on IG, so he came to location and was shouting and collected her phone so aunt gave me signal to run away so since then we’ve not even gotten tru to her. I’m crying pls help us tell the world cos dating is not by force”

Read Seun Egbegbe's reaction here at this Link.

A second mail then came in with the following message... “Good evening .... After Toyin made that Valentine shout out to seun egbegbe,due to the comments she got,especially the ones that said he was an armed robber,she had to ask him his source of income asides the ebony films everyone knows of which his answer was not satisfactory. 
She called and told me all these and I asked her next step, she said she was leaving him. Today on her way to location, she texted him that she was done with the relationship till he comes clean about what he does. We talked after that only for him to come to the location to seize her phones. 
I started calling her when I noticed some unusual stuff on her IG but no one picked. I finally got through to her through a mutual friend who is with her presently. Please fans should ignore any unusual posts on her account pending when she gets her phone. She isn’t in possession of them.”

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