Why Daddy Freez shouldn't have sent comedian AY and wife public message!

Freez of cool fmComedian AY and wife marriage crashes
AY the comedian and his Wife.
This is what is wrong in today's world.Everybody wants to be a star on social media.
Apparently rumours have surfaced that one of Nigeria's favourite comedians AY Ayo Makun and wife, Mabel.are splitting up.News went viral earlier today alleging that Mabel, who has a daughter with the comedian, has moved all her belongings away from their matrimonial home while AY is on set of a television series in London.Now radio personality Freez of Cool Fm,who is not a stranger to online controversy,is friends to both parties and is rightly
worried that the rumours might be true.Remarking on how close and perfect the couple are for each other,Freez said...You guys are my favorite couple. AY is my brother and Mabel is my sister. I remember being angry with Mabel for eating my bush meat once and she made it up by cooking the most delicious owo soup with starch for me and as for AY he is one of my best friends in the industry. So Freez obviously knows both couple very well.If this be the case,why bring it on social media?Why not just call either of the couple since they are your friends and ask them if it is true?Or better still,call any of your mutual friends if you can't get through to them?
And if it is you can then give them your advise.I find the way Freez has gone through with this very distasteful and pretentious.Its playing to the gallery.You also would not expect that it is friends of the couple that would be washing their linens and hanging it outside to dry for the world to see!

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