A ridiculous story about Brazilian,Satanists and Prophet TB Joshua.

This is probably the most ridiculous thing i have read this year,but i am sharing it all the same in case you might be having a stressful day,it will put a smile on your face and hopefully calm you down.
A Lady on Facebook shared this: 

The picture of a lady above shows her with several snakes around her head. The picture is not a fiction but real. The girl went to buy Brazilian Hair not knowing that 50% of it is made from under world by satanists in order to posses people. She bought and looked attractive in many men's eyes. All men that made with her became members of Satanism. Meanwhile financial hardships and sickness worsened in her life not knowing the hair she plaited had this turned into many snakes that were taking her money and sucking her blood everyday making her to have endless sicknesses and bad dreams. The same problems also followed men that made love to her. It took Prophet TB Joshua to see the snakes in spirit and when he prayed for her that is during deliverance, snakes  appeared physically as u can see them right now below. 

This is a true story. This means, when we are buying anything including clothes and hair don't rush into using them without praying faithfully. But remember God does not answer a prayer of a sinful  person. So if u are a sinner, first repent and confess yo sins then God will remove all evil attached to a cloth, hair or food you are buying so that snakes are removed. Check on most of Mirinda soft drinks, there is a symbol of a snake and if you offer a faithful prayer before taking it, the spirit of the snake in it will be removed by the power of the Name Jesus Christ and it will be a pure drink. I am sorry to say many of us do drink snakes everyday whenever we think it's soft drink.

 And many of our sisters have their heads covered with snakes because they didn't pray for their extension hair they bought.  Most of Brazilian hair is made from satanic ocean just to bring sicknesses, financial problems, deaths and many other problems in the marriage or family including misunderstandings. So pray always but remember God only answers the prayer of a righteous person. Be holy in the eyes of God.
Now see the lady with snakes in her head. Many of u have similar snakes only that u can't see them with your human eyes but satanists do know and see them with you .  Nothing is impossible with God. I thank you .

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