Jonathan the world's oldest living Tortoise gets his first bath at 184 years of age!

Jonathan gets a bath at 184 years of age.
Jonathan is the world's oldest living tortoise and animal.
But that's not all there is to it.The world’s oldest living animal, Jonathan the tortoise is starting over with a clean sheet at 184 years old - after a vet gave him his first ever bath. Dr Joe Hollins, the vet for the British outpost of St Helena in the south Atlantic where Jonathan lives, decided to give him a spruce up ahead of a royal visit in a few weeks' time. The 58-year-old doctor scrubbed off his back with a loofah, soft brush and surgical soap.

Isn't it amazing how a tortoise can live to be 184 years old?Wow,if only that animal could talk,i'm sure it would have a few stories of its own to tell.
Although he has lost his sense of smell and his eyesight is fading, Jonathan is said to be in good health. More photos after the cut.

Oldest living animal and tortoise Jonathan many many years ago.

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