Buhari Says Nigeria Will generate 10,000 MW of electricity in 3 years!

Nigeria power supply failure.
I just cannot understand Nigeria.All we can muster in 3 years is 5,000MW? Cos we have 5k now,so if President Buhari is saying they intend to have 10,000 mw in 3 yrs,it means they can only gather 5k more in the next 3 years.And we want to have become a superpower? How does a nation which has gas,oil,sun that can generate solar power and even waste that countries such as Japan use to generate power and still can only generate 5,000 MW in 3 years? I tire menh...Regime after regime,they all have promised so much regarding this same Nigeria electricity power problem,and it always ends up the same.Take Obasanjo's regime for example,Billions of dollars,i think it was 16,was allocated to power and most of it went missing! Just incredible!
At this rate,my grand children will still be powering up generators in Nigeria in years to come.

This is what the President said below...
“Nigerians’ favourite talking point and butt of jokes is the power situation in our country. But, ladies and gentlemen, it is no longer a laughing matter. We must and by the grace of God we will put things right. In the three years left for this administration we have given ourselves the target of ten thousand megawatts distributable power.

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