As Prophet TB Joshua says he predicted Belgium Bomb attack,i ask But why?

As Prophet TB Joshua says he predicted Belgium Bomb attack,i ask But why?

TB Joshua Prophecy.I don't know about you but i get very wound up about these so called TB Joshua Prophecies.
As the world mourns the tragic terror attack in Brussels, Belgium,the Nigerian 'Prophet' has released a video to YouTube claiming he foretold the strike some weeks earlier. 
Speaking of a 'French country' in his time of prophecies on Sunday 31st January 2016, the cleric said, "They have to tighten their security; it’s not yet over. These evil people are in the town."

The popular 'prophet' was seemingly referring to the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Paris that left 130 dead in November 2015. "The people they chased out - there are some that are still there.
They want to strike back."

He added that the 'evildoers' would look for an opportunity to strike an 'assembly of people'.

"They will blow - a lot of people will die. It will be the North part of a French country," Joshua warned, calling on congregants and viewers of his popular Christian channel Emmanuel TV to prayer.

In the early hours of Tuesday 22 March 2016, three explosions occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem and one at Maelbeek metro station in Brussels.

At least 34 people were killed and 230 others injured in the deadliest act of terrorism on Belgian soil.

Shortly after news of the attack, terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility in 'revenge for Belgium's role in fighting militants in Syria and Iraq'.

"We pray that God would strengthen the families and friends all the victims of the horrific terror attacks that took place in Brussels," the description of the Emmanuel TV YouTube clip solemnly concluded.

T.B. Joshua has gained a reputation for 'predicting' disasters.

He also claimed he predicted the last terror attacks in Paris, the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370, the death of pop legend Michael Jackson and a host of other international incidents.

His alleged prophetic ability was recently questioned by Malawi's President Peter Mutharika who described Joshua as a 'false prophet' in response to a rumour the cleric had foretold his impending death.

I really do wonder what exactly is the point of these TB Joshua prophecies.Even a fool could tell sooner or later there was going to be an attack in the area he mentioned.It was a no brainer really.If the attack was foiled,he will say it was down to the prayers,if there are no attacks he will say the same thing.And if there IS an attack,then the people did not pray enough.I find it all very stupid really.The question still remains how he could miss the terrible destruction which killed many in his own church.
Why would anyone thing it's a thing of pride to predict destruction?What is the whole point of this TB joshua prophecy now? He is happy to be a prophet of doom? When was the last time he predicted anything great happening to Nigeria or mankind?
Bunch of Charlatans!

Watch the video of the great Prophet TB Joshua doing his favourite thing below...Predicting and prophesying destruction!
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