How to answer Mommy where do babies come from question(Pictures)m

Mommy Where do babies come from ?
Many parents,mothers especially dread that moment when your inquisitive little child comes to you and ask that immortal question,Mummy,where do babies come from? Some of us are brave and try our best to explain to them,while some come up with the biggest lies trying to satisfy the curiosity of the not so little child anymore,lol...Well,now you got the perfect ally to answer that question.Whenever your child comes to you to ask the where do babies come from question,whip out this page and show them these pictures,even i almost fell for them..lol..I had to question myself again to see if this was really how babies are made..Nah,just joking,but i think this will satisfy some of those little terrors,now,the only problem is they might be just 5-8 years old..hahahahahah..More pictures after the cut...

Mommy where do babies come from?

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