Nigerian guy whose picture was used to defraud women of Facebook cries out

Nigerian guy whose picture was used to defraud women of Facebook cries out

A Nigerian guy has had his picture used to fool and defraud women on Facebook.David Enyeama has cried out to warn other people who might fall victim of these online scammers.I guess dude looked so good the scammers thought they can sell him to desperate ladies out there.

  • He wrote: 

    "Good evening, I am David Enyinnaya Chuks and thats my name on facebook too. Recently, someone has been impersonating me using my recent pictures to defraud women. He or she will make them fall in love with him, thereby making them believe they are talking to the guy in the pics.

    He only ends up asking them for money after making most of them fall in love with him. He will simply lie to them that his mom is sick and needs urgent attention and some of them, out of love, will send huge money to him. Please help me publish so that it will go viral incase he or she tries to impersonate me again. .

    He has scammed a lot of people already. I wont like a situation whereby I come back to Nigeria and get arrested for what I didn't do. Please help me. Just last week alone, 4-5 friends complained to me that they saw my pics with different names as someone that they may know on Facebook timeline.

    Please help post this so that these women wont be scammed again. Some of them are already in love with my pics but with the wrong individual. This is really bad. I want the general public to know so that they can help me spread the news on Facebook and other social media. My real facebook name is David Enyinnaya Chuks. 

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