Katt Williams beaten up in fight with Teen school boy(video)

Katt Williams gets beaten up by teen in school yard.

Katt Williams fight.
What is wrong with Katt Williams?Dude can't stop getting into fights and trouble.Now he has been beaten up by a teenager in a school yard who he punched out first without no provocation.
Video surfaced this morning of Katt bossing up to a kid, It's unclear where ish went left, but
Katt swung on the kid and the troubled comedian ended up in a sleeper hold.
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When the people on the scene broke them up, Katt seemingly tried to play it off as if it was all in fun.  Nah, was nothing "we're just playin'" about this.
Click on the links to watch six videos of Katt Williams fight with the teenage school boy.  

I think Katt Williams needs some real help fast,this is getting ridiculous.Is it all a cry for help, or his way of selling tickets to his comedy shows?Somebody might get hurt pretty soon if care is not taken.Imagine if that boy had a knife like most of these kids carry?
I'm really worry about this guy,he seemed to be getting his act together especially after Katt apologized to Kevin Hart for abusing him constantly.But it seems he is not quite right yet.The comedian who stands at a 1.65m in height should start acting his age and not his height.What is he gonna tell his kids if he himself is no better than one?This is no way for a man of 42 years of age to act. This is 2016 dude,grow up!

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