The China Photoshop Kenya girl is finally heading to China for real

China photoshop Kenya.

Remember the girl who got so famous by photoshopping herself on a supposed trip to China from kenya? Well,the term fake it till you make it seems to have come true for Seve Gat's from Nairobi, Kenya. The girl who became an internet sensation when she posted photoshopped pics of a supposed trip to China is now finally heading there. The internet trolled her mercilessly, helping her all the way to Paris and Hollywood with hilarious memes. But you know what they say about those who get to laugh last.

Knowing that she can't afford to fly to China, a local businessman, Sam Gichuru, has raised enough money to arrange travel, four-star accommodation, insurance and some pocket money for the internet sensation. And to think it all started wishfully. Photos of the hilarious memes after the cut...


The China photoshop Kenya girl meme


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