The man with no arms does incredible tasks with his feet!(photos)

MAN with no arms.
An incredible Chinese man born with no arms has found a way to beat his disability - by using his TOES to set up a successful online business
Chen Zifang's parents thought their 27-year-old son might be resigned to a life of hardship after he was born without arms.

But despite his severe disabilities, inspiring Chen, Badong county, Hubei province, central China, has managed to lead a fulfilling life - thanks to his talent for carrying out everyday tasks with his feet..
He can feed, wash, text and even fully dress himself without the help of a carer.
Domestic chores are no problem either as he can help out around the house by cutting up vegetables and sawing timber.

Business is also booming for Chen, who made 10,000 Yuan (£1,000) in ten days from his e-commerce website - more than double the monthly average income in his area.
This is truly inspirational,i see but still don't believe it...If a man with no arms can do this,a fully able bodied man should be pushing himself to overcome every absolute problem in life.
He brushes his hair with his toes

Culled from UK Mirror 

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