The Mercy Aigbe job application that got everybody talking online!

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First and foremost,it says a lot about the state of the country when an actress wants a PA and she demands that she is a graduate.A graduate for a P.A? What's her job description? Will she be discussing investments with Dangote?
Well,this is what Award winning Nollywood actress posted as requirements for a personal assistant and some have bashed her for it ..They criticized the salary and the fact she wants a single lady while she is happily married..
Mercy also wants the PA to be a single lady,i guess she wants her to be available at all

times without no love distraction.But is it fair to give someone a job on the condition that she does not have a life of her own?Is this really fair?
The other side of the argument is Mercy is not forcing no one to apply..But we all know its not as easy as that.A desperate girl will probably give up all to get a job at last.
Mercy needs to be careful what she wishes for though,she may very welll get that single girl P.A.,who will then come for her husband!
Afterall,body no be wood.
 requirements for personal assistant job.
Funny thing is,since Mercy posted the Personal Assistant job application,she has had over 1000 applications! And this was just in one day! Wow! Here is what she said below...
"Goodmorning Fam, Application is closed cos we got over 1,000 applications just yesterday, way above our limit .....cos it's just 1 person we are looking for, to all dose who sent their applications thank u and shortlisted candidates will be contacted soon .....Y'all have a fruitful day and may the Lord keep blessing the works of our hands IJN ..... P.s for those sending their applications to my email pls it's supposed to be done on line, but unfortunately it's now closed....thanks ." 

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