Actress Chika Ike loses mother just two years after losing dad

Chika Ike parents

Chika Ike mother dies 2 years after father's death.The Nollywood actress has been hit by another tragedy.She lost her father two years ago and now she has lost her mother to the cold hands of death.I don't know what could have killed this beatiful lady,she looks so full of life in this picture,how sad.Now i know where Chika Ike got her good looks from,her mother is stunning! Very sad.She posted a message on Instagram telling how much her mother was an inspiration,see below... 

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Chika Ike's mother dies.

This is so sad because I knew her mum way back. A gentle, nice woman who was like a constant rock in the household.

RIP Mummy Chibike... 
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Chike Ike father.

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