Doris Roberts dies at the age of 90(Everybody Loves Raymond star)

Doris Roberts of everybody loves ray dies at 90
Goodbye from Televisions favourite mother in law Doris Roberts.
Doris Roberts dies.Very sad news that Doris who played Raymons mother on the show Everybody loves Raymond, passed away at the age of 90 in Los Angeles on Sunday 17th of April.
Ray Romano, who co-starred with the late Doris on the show  from 1996 to 2005, has released a statement on her death.
“Doris Roberts had an energy and a spirit that amazed me. She never stopped. Whether working professionally or with her many charities, or just nurturing and mentoring a green young comic trying to make it as an actor, she did everything with such a grand love for life and people and I will miss her dearly,” the 58-year-old actor told Deadline.

Cast of Everybody Loves Ray featuring Doris.

By a crazy coincidence,Romano only just just revealed a couple of days ago that a reunion for the cast of his hit show Everybody Loves Raymond is in the works!
The 58-year-old Vinyl actor explained that in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, the cast is planning to reunite at South by Southwest.
“I think we might be going to Austin for the festival — the South by Southwest festival — and I think they’re gonna have a little thing for us and get us together. So that’s in the works right now,” Ray told ET.

Doris Roberts, well known for playing the hilarious mother on Everybody Loves Raymond, .
There has been no official statement made, or cause of death revealed at this time.
Doris won a total of 5 Emmy Awards, including 4 total for her role on Raymond.  The last we saw of Doris was in this hilarious Doritos Super Bowl commercial.
She is survived by a son, Michael Cannata Jr.

The show originally premiered in 1996 and ran nine years, until 2005.
Patricia Heaton Ray's wife on the show also released  a statement on her Twitter account about the sudden death of Doris .
The 58-year-old actress wrote a post titled, “To my beloved Marie – RIP.” Patricia and Marie starred together on Everybody Loves Raymond from 1996-2005.
“Truly the end of an era. My wonderful TV mother-in-law and  nemesis Doris Roberts was a consummate professional from whom I learned so much. She was funny and tough and loved live, living it to the fullest. Nothing gave her greater job that her three wonderful grandchildren, of whom she was so proud. It truly was a privilege Doris. I love you and miss you,” the statement read.

Another star of the show too, Sawyer Sweeten,died unexpectedly in 2015.Sawyer played one of the young twins on the beloved series.

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