British Nigerian Drug baron Babs Arogundade flaunts wealth from prison!

British Nigerian Drug baron Babs Arogundade flaunts wealth from prison!

criminal  Babs Arogundade
Cocaine dealer, Babs Arogundade, 29, who is serving a 27-year prison sentence flouted prison rules by showing off his £3,000 gold Rolex watch and luxury designer shirts that he wears in prison.

It has always been said that British Prisons are not tough enough for criminals and they have an easy life behind bars,Arogundade's case is a clear example.Internet connected phones are not allowed in prison but he somehow got hold of one which he used to take pictures of himself and a friend posted them on Instagram with the caption 'free BP' - an allusion to the gangster's nickname.  

Babs Arogundade wearing versace shirt in prison
According to a source, Arogundade may be behind bars but he's living the high life and running the show. 

The source said: 'The pictures show how much respect he has for the prison system - none. He's laughing at the authorities.' 

A Prison Service spokesman said: 'We are investigating these images. Any prisoner found to have breached our rules will be punished and may be referred to the police for further investigation.'

Arogundade who is from North London was convicted last year for conspiracy to supply drugs and possession of firearms.

He was caught when police found an arsenal of guns he had stashed in a woman's car including four shotguns, a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun and a Winchester rifle when they raided the vehicle during a surveillance operation focusing on Arogundade's criminal lifestyle. 

Also in the car they found a package containing a kilo of 74 per cent pure cocaine, which is said to have a street value of £200,000.

Weighing scales, plastic bags containing 1.22kg of crack cocaine and cutting agent were later found at an associate of Arogundade's address in Wembley. 

Before his incarceration, Arogundade led a life of luxury, he owned a Bentley and splurged thousands of pounds on champagne and expensive jewellery including diamond-encrusted Rolex watches.
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