List of women Jay Z might have cheated with following Beyonce Lemonade album.

A list of jay z ex girlfriends
Jay Z ex list.
Damn! Jay Z has been a busy boy hasn't he?After the release of Beyonce's new album lemonade,there has been speculations as to whether Jay Z cheated on her or not.Thanks to the very incriminating lyrics of the album.Beyonce let the world know she was or may have been cheated on by her partner of about 14 years and now, people are digging dirt. Someone put together a list containing some women Jay Z may or may not have been intimate with since meeting his wife Beyonce.Now check out the list of the suspects,all stunning ladies as you would expect of a man befitting Jay Z's status...Now if he had got with even half of these ladies,he has been a very busy boy...

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women Jay Z might have been unfaithful with since he met BeyonceRead about jay z ex girlfriends who are now under the microscope since Beyonce released her lemonade album accusing Jay Z of cheating

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