Caroline Danjuma ends Marriage after husband cheats with woman at Hotel?

The Caroline Danjuma marriage story has been played out many times on social media,thanks to the constant roving eye of her husband Musa.The latest drama occurred when Caroline's husband was spotted having a cosy meal with a lady who looks like a
foreigner in a hotel on the Island.Well,trust Nigerians,they came heavily for the husband making mockery of him and Caroline.
Caroline Dajuma in a long Instagram then decided to stand up for her husband post saying she admits she didn’t get married to a perfect man, and all men cheat in real life. She also described how she met her man, how she didn;t know he was a billionaire, their ups and down so far and why she wants everyone to leave her husband alone, even if he is cheating! 
There was also a part of the post that suggested she might be moving on but will always remember the good times and how her husband helped her financially.

musa danjuma1

musa danjuma
Caroline's husband Musa Danjuma seen having a meal with the mystery lady.

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