Dabota Lawson and billionaire husband Sunny back together again?

Dabota Lawson and husband seem to be back together again.Remember the couple reportedly split a few months ago.But judging by the video message and pictures Dabota posted on husband Sunny Aku's birthday,it looks like their love is back onboard!
The 20 something year old business woman was said to have cheated on her husband then and that her Range Rover was found outside an hotel where she hooked up with her secret lover,a younger man.Dabota had earlier in interviews said the age of her husband
who is in his 60s is not a problem for her as she loves him for who he was and not his age.But the couple seem to have worked their way through all that now with this new development.
Or maybe she is just being civil? Hmmmm see the pictures and messages and see what you think.
To mark his birthday today,she shared romantic photos and a loving message 

A KING WAS BORN TODAY!!!! 👑🐘🌕🎂 I celebrate you honey for all that you are and have been to me . May God almighty bless you now and forever ... #BirthdayBoy#mushyStuffInMyHandWrittenLetter

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