Fans attack Yemi Alade for mocking Tanzanian fan who drew her picture.

The picture the Tanzanian fan drew of Yemi Alade that she wasn't happy with.
Yemi Alade mocks Tanzanian fan who drew picture.I don't think the Johnny singer would be proud of this moment in retrospect.A fan from Tanzanian drew an unflattering picture of the singer,it might not have been the best,but he did it out of love,Yemi Alade should have handled it better than the response she gave the Tanzanian fan.She called him out,requesting he take down the photo.Fans were angry with her for not appreciating his effort.On the otehr hand though,Alade could have said it in a good faith jest.Sometimes things sound different when you write them down or read them in print.
In response ,the Tanzanian fan even apologized...awwww he must really love her. 
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Yemi Alade reaction from fans after asking Tanzanian fan to take down picture.

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