Fabregas reveals why Jose Mourinho was sacked as Chelsea Manager

Cesc Fabregas reveals why Mourinho was sacked.
Why Mourinho was sacked.Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas says that former coach Jose Mourinho was sacked last year by the Chelsea board because he trusted his players too much.I understand totally where Fabregas is coming from.Chelsea's preseason was so poor because they started slightly later than the others.I remember how lethargic they looked.They lost quite a few games,yet people kept saying once they start the
Premiership,they will get going.Well it never happened.
This was very unusual for a Mourinho team.
Chelsea won the 2015 Premiership title.
But who should take the blame? The players who stopped trying and couldn't get going after they were giving extended holidays or Mourihno himself who gave undeserving players the holiday?

Mourinho lost his job in December last year after overseeing a poor stretch of form and poor results despite being the club's most successful manager in it's 110 year history winning three league titles, FA Cup, Community Shield and three League Cups.

Fabregas, who insists he remains on good terms with Mourinho, says he and his Chelsea team-mates were to blame for taking advantage of Mourinho's trust.

“I have huge respect for him, we still keep in touch right now,” Fabregas said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football. “The biggest problem was he trusted us too much, gave us more holiday because we were champions and we let him down. That was the main reason he had to go – and for that myself and the team feel bad for it.”

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