Retired Nick Blackwell should thank Eubank for saving his life!

Retired Nick Blackwell should thank Eubank for saving his life!

Chris Eubank Jnr and Nick Blackwell in their fight which left Nick with internal bleeding to the brain.
Nick Blackwell retires from boxing.The boxer who had just come out of an induced coma after his last fight, has confirmed his retirement from boxing, he also replied to a tweet from Chris Eubank Jnr  insisting he has no hard feeling towards him. Nick Blackwell almost lost his life after he was rushed to the hospital and put in induced coma after a fight between him and Chris Eubank Jr where he suffered a bleed to the skull.I don't see why he can have any hard feelings towards Eubank anyway.If anything,he should be thanking Eubank Jnr and his father for saving his life! Chris Eubank Snr had told his son to hit Nick
with body shots and not go to his head cos he felt he was taking too much punishment.Now imagine if he had kept on hitting him on the head,Nick Blackwell could be dead!

Chris Eubank jnr fight with Nick Blackwell
A game of 2 Chris,Eubank Jnr and Snr.
Chris Eubank Jnr and his father both deserve great credit.The dad remember had gone through the same thing during his career when he defeated Michael Watson leaving him brain damaged and disabled.It is very ironic and a tragedy that both father and son had to experience this,what are the odds of that happening?

Blackwell suffered internal bleeding to the brain and was rushed to the hospital after the referee refused stopping the fight until the 10th round despite the serious head injuries Blackwell received.
And today, the fighter has confirmed he won't go into professional boxing anymore as he wouldn't want his family to pass through the heartbreak and emotional trauma that they passed through following his recent ordeal.

Chris Eubank and Michael Watson.
Someone asked him on Twitter if he was going to come back to boxing or stop, to which he replied.
'no that's me done I can't put my friends and family and self through that again but I'll still be involved'

Boxer Chris Eubank Jr also communicated to him via Twitter saying he had been trying to reach out to him to which Blackwell replied that he had no feelings.

Eubank Jnr said: 

“I’ve tried reaching out since you woke. Haven’t heard anything back from you or your team. I hope there’s no hard feelings.”
Blackwell replied: 
“hello bro no hard feelings, we were both there doing a job and it was unfortunate for what happened but I hope your ok champ.”
Eubank Jnr added: 
"U never gave up proved yourself a true warrior. Not sure how long you're in hospital but Id like to come visit if possible."
Blackwell replied: 
Chris Eubank and his father looked on worriedly at Nick Blackwell on the canvass after fight.
"cheers bro I haven't watched the fight back yet but will watch it and out in the next few days but b good to see you bro."

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