Fiberisima Ibinabo said to be calling Senator friends to free her from jail

Fiberisima Ibinabo said to be calling Senator friends to free her from jail

Fiberisima Ibinabo..Hmmm like play like play the lady who is used to the best things in life is getting accustomed to life Kirikiri prison with criminals,while others are carrying on with their lives.The Fiberisima manslaughter case left us all in suspense and most could not believe that Ibinabo ended up being jailed 5 years for the accident which took the life of a doctor in Lekki 11 years ago,cos we know that does not happen to the influential.
Now the latest gist is that she keeps calling on all the high and mighty to come to her aid, she even pleaded with one of Nigerian top senator (name withheld) to help use his connection to get her out of prison.  She also cried bitterly saying the prison food is terrible, that she can't cope in the dirty environment.

Fiberisima Ibinabo said to be calling all her influential friends to et her out of jail.
So far, none of her politician paddy has tried to help. Well it would not be a surprise if all these are true,after all,who would be in jail and not try to use all the powers he or she has to get out?

With all these going on,one of her friends has gone on to start a campaign to free Fiberisima,the former AGN President.The friend,one Akanni Ola Balogun has said the Ibinabo Fiberisima court case did not portray the real woman.

Here is the Open Letter by Akanni ....

We met in a BBM group and since then, we have become more like brother and sister.

This time last year, she invited me to one event she organised, that was the first time we physically met, though I have been seeing her in movies since I was a boy.
“Akanni, I want to invite you to an event at Eko Hotel, I don’t know if you’ll be able to come pick your IV at my office or I should just keep it for you till the day”, she said.
“Oh, what an honour. Thanks very much my sister. Abeg, help me keep it, i’ll collect it that day”
On that day, I made sure I left my house very early so as to beat the hold ups. I got there earlier so I was waiting for her to come. Immediately she came, I tried to bypass her bodyguards so that I can talk to her. I finally got through so I introduced myself. (Remember we are meeting for the first time.)
“My name is Akanni Ola Balogun”. Despite the fact that she was attending to lot of people, she paused, turned towards me and shouted “AKANNI!!! Chai! I am finally meeting my ijogbon brother”.
She left everything she was doing, hugged me so tight that I could feel her heart beat. (you know dat kain hug na). We chatted for couple of minutes, she then gave me my VIP invitation.
Everybody there were surprised, even her bodyguards that has been blocking me from seeing her. As omo igboro, I changed scope! Me sef raised shoulder, readjusted my blazer suit an walk ‘bossly’ to my corner.
Before I met her, I was standing with Egbon Sikiru Adeshina(Late Arakangudu), Egbon Layewu, Alhaji Rasak(Coperate pictures) and some guys.
“Ola, come o, where do you know Madam President that she gave you such respect?”, Arakangudu asked. “Ha! She is my sure sisters o”, I responded in my igberaga voice.
In summary, to those who do not know Aunty Ibinabo Fiberesima , she is a down to heart person, kind hearted and loving. She has never at anytime looked down on me, and she has always been listening to advises.
Admitably, she erred. But who on earth will leave his/her house looking for who to kill with his/her car?
I plead with every well meaning Nigerians, and the family involved, the families of Dr. Giwa, to please find a place in their heart to forgive Aunty Ibinabo.

Please #PardonIbinabo
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