Haven't we always known that there are 2 factions in APC?

This is no news really,we have all known for a while now that there are two factions in the APC.
The Deputy National Publicity Secretary of APC, Timi Frank, on March 31st told journalists in Abuja, that their are now two factions of the party in existence.
“I spoke in Bayelsa about what is going on in our party but they did not take me seriously. Very soon, the crisis will happen at the national level too. If anyone tells you that there is no crisis in the national APC, it is a lie. The party is now divided into two. The issue of the Senate president is still there and the party is
not talking. So, there is crisis in the party. We have so much divisions and they are keeping quiet. If care is not taking, we are soon going to lose our popularity as a party.”
But the National Secretary of the party has since dismissed Frank's claims, asking people to ignore him that there is no factions in APC...

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