What is former MBGN Omowunmi Akinnifesi up to with photos and pranks?

omowunmi ring

Omowunmi Akinnifesi,the former Most beautiful girl in Nigeria winner,seems to be in the teasing business now.Sometime last week,she shared a picture of an engagement ring on her delicately pretty fingers.Only to reveal later that it was an April fool's prank.Well,who is fooling who?I see no gain whatsoever in making people think you were engaged.Maybe she actually was and the guy changed his mind,lol.

Anyways,moving on from then,Omowunmi is back to her teasing ways again,this time in her
swimming trunk from the pool side.So what is it this time,we are gonna be told its her twin sister and not the ex beauty queen in the picture?

Image result for omowunmi akinnifesi in swimming trunks

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