Kemi olunloyo says Linda Ikeji is 41 not 35 and she stole Dan Forster from cousin.

Kemi olunloyo and linda ikeji
Kemi Olunloyo exposes...

Kemi Olunloyo seems to have an obsession with Linda Ikeji lately.Personally i don't take Kemi seriously,i think the woman needs real help,she is full of sh#t and so many lies! In here she says her house in America was bigger than Linda Ikeji's house.Total BS! Have you seen the size of Linda's house? In America that house will not go for less than $2-3m and the very least! Now where is Kemi gonna get that kind of money from with her journalist job interviewing people?She certainly was no Oprah Winfrey.And she was deported from

Canada  and America,but she never mentions that.

Anyway,back to the Linda story, Kemi Olunloyo has said that the popular blogger, broke up a relationship between her cousin and popular On Air Personality, Dan Foster. Ms Olunloyo made the claim during a recent appearance on Frankly Speaking With Jola Sotubo. “I have a lot of history with Linda. She was the one that came between my cousin’s wedding and Dan Foster.” Ms Olunloyo said. “Dan Foster and Deola Olunloyo, my cousin, were going to get married and the wedding was cancelled three weeks to the wedding because of a model called Linda Ikeji. She wrecked the home, she was having an affair with Dan,” she added. 

Ms Olunloyo also had something to say about Linda's age,she said Linda is 41-years-old and not 35. “She’s not 30-something, Linda is 41. The age on Wikipedia is a lie. She’s 41, I have my very good sources. If I don’t I won’t say things out,” she said. According to Linda’s page on Wikipedia, she was born on September 19, 1980.Well,that might be true,people do lie about their age,especially women.

It also makes me laugh when people say somebody else broke up a relationship or home,nobody breaks up anybody's home! The home owner breaks up their home cos no one forced them to cheat or leave!

Watch the entertaining video of Kemi olunloyo obsessing over Linda Ikeji.

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