Officials cut Saudi Arabian keeper's Un Islamic hair on football pitch before match!

Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah has hair cut by officials before match.

Saudi Arabia keeper has hair cut on pitch.
I have seen a lot of things,but this surely sit at the top for its absurdity.The Saudi Arabian national team’s goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah, who also plays for for Al Shabaab, was deemed to have an ‘anti-Islamic’ haircut, so was taken off the pitch for a trim. Two match officials used scisscors to cut his ‘un-Islamic’ mohawk. Abdullah can be seen protesting at the start but soon caves, while his
bemused team-mates look on.

The action follows an announcement by Saudi Arabia’s youth federation asking football clubs and the Olympic committee to “ban the qazaa phenomenon”, the Arabic term for eccentric hairstyles. One commentator urged the football federation to “impose sanctions” on players whose “bizarre haircuts are imitated by their fans in school.”….
Apart from the whole thing being ridiculous,goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah hair looked absolutely normal.There was nothing wrong with that hair! Just amazing!
Saudi hair
Team mates of the Saudi Arabia keeper waits while officials cut off his hair.


  1. They would have assured him that the penalty for sporting such a haramic haircut is "beheading"!!. So his choice is either to lose the haircut or lose the head entirely. That must've sobered him up and also calmed him down at the same time, so he let hjad to them cut his hair. He can still grow another hair but not another head. Afterall, he who stands and lose his hair lives to grow another one.

  2. He should let in as many goals as possible in protest.