Lady who aborted child hangs herself while listening to Ed Sheeran

Jade Rees 21-Year Old Lady who took Her Own Life After Her Unborn Child’s Father Started A NEW Relationship

A young mother was left so haunted by her decision to abort an unborn child that she hanged herself while listening to an Ed Sheeran song about the heartbreak of miscarriage.

Rees had a termination when her five-month relationship with the baby's father broke down and he began dating another woman.  

But the mother-of-one's decision left her 'upset and distressed' - and three weeks later she

took her own life.

Miss Rees left handwritten notes addressed to her parents and two-year-old son, explaining the struggle she had faced since the devastating procedure, in which she stressed that her little boy 'means everything to me'.

She died while listening to the Ed Sheeran song Small Bump - a first person account of a miscarried child, written from the point of view of one of the songwriter's closest friends.

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