Lil Kesh confirms he is leaving YBNL and Olamide reacts...

Lil Kesh releases statement on why he is leaving YBNL to start his own label yagi
Lil Kesh leaving YBNL. You must have heard all the rumours concerning Lil Kesh leaving Olamide's label YBNL. Well,they are no longer rumours as Lil Kesh in a post today confirmed the rumours are indeed true.His contract which was for 2 years expired a few weeks ago and he has decided not to renew it.He is instead floating his own label called YAGI Records.. Lil Kesh also confirmed that although the YAGI Record Label rumour is true, YBNL remains his family and management for life.I think it was a big mistake for Olamide to sign him for only 2 years,it should have been at least 3 years with an option to renew.

olamide and lil kesh still family and no beef despite kesh leaving ybnl

Even though he says there is no beef and he is on YBNL's management,i am sure nobody is happy with investing money into a venture and see it leave just when the money is rolling in.I could be wrong,Olamide might be 100 percent happy for Kesh to leave,but that will be a huge surprise if so.I remember watching Lil Kesh on MTV Base Nigeria a few days after the Hip Hop awards controversy of best new act.He was asked if he would leave the YBNL label,he replied never,cos Olamide is more than a boss to him,he is a big brother and family,well that was less than 6 months ago and now this.

Olamide has also reacted and released a statement via his Instagram page.He said he needed independent people around him and no fools,so he is happy to see Kesh go and start his own thing.Further stating that he is still family and on the management of YBNL.Well,for a change it is nice to see a break up done in a mature and peaceful way,i hope what both parties said is all true,they were good together.So can we expect Adekunle Gold too to leave soon as well? This is what Olamide wrote in reaction below... 

olamide reacts to lil kesh YBNL and insists they are still family

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