Prince left no will and so Millions could go to his sister and half siblings.

rock superstar prince left no will at his death and his sister might inherit his $300m estate

Prince and his sister Tyka.

Prince left no will?I am shocked someone who was so detailed and left nothing unattended to when he was alive could make such a mistake! Now his sister Tyka Nelson who was a drug addict may inherit all that money,it scares me how she would handle all that sudden money and power knowing her past.Prince may just have jeopardized his own legacy with his carelessness regarding his will.

Prince’s $300 million estate may be divided between his six living relatives and the
Jehovah’s Witness church after it was determined he did not leave a will.
prince nelson rogers died at 57 with rumours of drug use,he was found alone in his elevator at paisely park.he left no will reportedly

Prince’s estate, which includes his massive music catalog, will likely go to his closest living relative, his sister Tyka Nelson. But, according TMZ, Prince and his sister Tyka have 5 half sisters and half brothers.

If there is no will, Minnesota inheritance law controls how the estate is divided between the closest living relatives. It’s not clear if Minnesota law recognizes half siblings as “close” relatives.

prince sister former drug addict Tyka Nelson may inherit his fortune

Prince left no children, and has been married twice but divorced both times. According to TMZ, his will has not been found, and family sources indicates it’s unlikely to be found, since he had shown no interest in ever penning one.

“Our sources say various professionals raised the issue of a will with Prince but he never had an interest in drafting one.” TMZ writes.

“We’ve contacted various people, including family members, and they all say they have not seen a will and so far no one has come forward with one.”

It was revealed that Prince didn’t have a will when his sister - Tyka Nelson, filed legal docs stating there was no evidence of one. Now there are reports that Prince’s finances are actually in chaos as he was distrusting and worked with people who had no experience. TMZ reports below;
"Prince was a disaster when it came to finances and his business affairs, and many of the people who worked with him say ignoring their advice to make a will is just a small piece of a chaotic puzzle.
We're told in the 5 years leading up to Prince's death, it was virtually impossible to get his signature on any legal document. Sources who worked with Prince tell us, he felt "screwed over" by people who had him sign deals in his younger years, and that made him "paranoid" to sign anything.  
Prince was so distrusting ... he jumped from lawyer to lawyer almost every year, and sometimes more often. One professional who worked with the singer tells us, Prince called him out of the blue one day and said he wanted to hire him. The professional asked Prince for his business files, and the answer was, "I don't know, they're out there somewhere." The professional never got the files.
We're told although Prince hired and fired a slew of professionals, his most trusted advisers were "beautiful, 20-something women, all models with no experience in anything." It caused chaos in his life ... especially in the financial department.”

The 57-year-old singer whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson died under mysterious circumstances Thursday morning at his sprawling residence in Paisley Park, Minneapolis, and was cremated during a private ceremony over the weekend.  

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