Patience Jonathan and Obasanjo seen hugging and dancing at function.

Patience Jonathan news.They do say there is no permanent enemies in politics,only permanent interest.Who would have thought Patience Jonathan,Mama Peace and wife of Nigerian ex President Goodluck Jonathan,will see Olusegun Obasanjo at a function and afford him a hug and a dance? After all the name calling and mudslinging that went on between her husband and Baba Iyabo?Well,that was exactly what happened when the two met at a do over the weekend.You would have thought they were long lost old friends,i guess they were at a point.But many have said it was the ex First lady Patience who influenced her husband Jona and empowered him to the point where he refused to jump and Obasanjo's beck and call any longer.Hmm..I wonder what the two were whispering to each other...Politics...By the way,where was Jona?
More pics after the cut...

Olusegun Obasanjo and Patience Jonathan at party.

Trust my Naija an update,they have remixed Patience Jonathan and Obasanjo's encounter to something else..check it out...


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