See Why Blac Chyna's pregnancy for Rob Kardashian is high risk.

reports are claiming that bLAC cHYNAS SUPPOSED PREGNANCY FOR ROB KARDASHIAN IS A HIGH RISK ONEblack chyna pregnant for rob kardashian and they are expecting a baby

Blac Chyna Pregnant Rob.Where does MTO get all their gists from?Some are really hilarious.This time around ,they are claiming Chyna has a high risk pregnancy.
 Read their report below...

"MediaTakeOut.com broke the news last month that Blac Chyna is pregnant. Well we learned that after a recent visit to the OB-GYN, Chyna was told that her pregnancy with Rob is considered High Risk. We're not at liberty to disclose what
makes the pregnancy HIGH RISK, and while it's not the kind of thing that is usually serious, we're told that both Chyna and Rob are concerned.
One of Chyna's friends told MediaTakeOut.com, "Whatever issues that Chyna had with [the] Kardashians, that's over. Everyone wants to make sure that the baby is OK."

We're told that Kris Jenner has been over to Rob and Chyna's house; so has Kim and Kourtney. We're also told that the Kardashians have offered COMPLETE SUPPORT for Chyna - whether it be MONETARY or otherwise.

The friend explained, "They basically welcomed Chyna into the family. She's a Kardashian now."

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