Tiwa Savage marriage ends as husband reveals nasty cheating secrets!

Tiwa Savage marriage ends as husband reveals nasty cheating secrets!

Tee Billz and Tiwa savage marriage over as he reveals intimate details of their livesTee Billz shares details of how Tiwa was insecure when he first met her

Tiwa Savage marriage ends as husband Tee Billz reveals the nastiest thing about his wife,how Tiwa slept with Don Jazzy,2Face and Dr Sid,calling her mother a witch and how she has thrown out his clothes 5 times! He is saying she will never know peace and her career and fame won't bring her peace till he forgives her..Jeez! I still can't believe this,i held back from doing this story for 2 hours,even though all the other blogs carried it right away.But i had to be sure her marriage had really crashed,it is too
incredible to be true.Most people are saying Tee Billz account was hacked.I am thinking so too.
Tee Billz reveals how Tiwa fcked and slept with dr sid,don jazzy and 2face

the couple before their marriage was declared over by the husband

But then why has nobody from the camp of Don Jazzy,Tiwa Savge or Dr Sid come out and say anything about this total marriage collapse and crisis? Why has Tee Billz himself not called any of his trusted friends in the industry and say-pls put out the story that i was hacked? Why hasn't Banky W who is so close to both Tiwa and Tee Billz put out a disclaimer?
Instead,Banky W himself has sent a message online asking Tee Billz to please call him and not do anything stupid.

I am assuming that before Banky did such a thing he must have called his friends number.Tee Billz has been writing stuff bothering on suicide.Things like i hope God accepts my soul and saying goodbye,this is so unreal.Even if it were true,No woman or man is worth killing yourself over.I repeat nobody! If he kills himself,the very next day,somebody will be comforting Tiwa while she is crying and might end up in her bed,meanwhile you killed yourself! Stupid solution.
Tee Billz begs god to accept his soul as he contemplates suicide after the end of his marriage
Tee Billz suicidal rantings.

Another thing is,if all these is true,Tee Billz has handled this in a very childish and stupid manner.Why do you wanna come and reveal all these details about your wife and mother of your child on social media?
Its just madness.Tee Billz claimed Tiwa Savage slept with 2 Face,Don Jazzy and Dr Sid! He didn't even put it that way,he put it in a more crass way saying she Fcked them...sad...How will that son of theirs Jamal feel when he grows up reading this?

Then there is the classic African bit where he says Tiwa's mother was a witch and she was responsible for all the bad things happening.There is also the bit where he posted a picture of Tiwa before fame,saying this was what you looked like when i met you before the fame.
Then the bit of her never asking how he was or if he had eaten,kicking him out of the house and throwing his clothings out at least 5 times,only caring about her brand,what hair she would wear next and her make up!
Gosh this is too much to take in all at once.
Tiwa savage Marriage crash

Tunji Balogun Tee Billz talks about the first time he met his wife in his office

Still no response from Tiwa Savage and her camp till this moment,i think this story will blow up ten fold the moment people can confirm this is actually real.Cos now its still"Tee Billz account was hacked or must have been hacked.
As much as i want to believe that,the Banky W involvement has killed that notion for me.

I think sadly,Tiwa Savge's marriage crisis with husband Tee Billz has indeed crashed and come to an end and what a nasty end it has turned out to be.
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