Tiwa Savage Husband Tee Billz saved from jumping off Lekki Bridge!

Tiwa Savage Husband Tee Billz saved from jumping off Lekki Bridge!

Tee Billz Tunji Balogun after his bitter break up with Tiwa savage tried to commit suicide by jumping over the Lekki Ikoyi toll bridge but was stopped

This is how Tee Billz, husband of Tiwa Savage was saved from jumping off Lekki Bridge by Banky W and Peter Okoye of P Square after the break up and end of his marriage to Tiwa..This is really sad and the suicide bid explains a lot why Tee Billz wrote all the personal and nasty things he wrote about his wife on Instagram.He probably felt he was ending it all so he didn't care what he revealed.We also learnt that he had been drinking.All these coupled with depression and the fact that
he had lost his importance and bread winning responsibilities helped push Tee Billz over the bridge literally.

But is suicide really the way? You have 3 kids and want to kill yourself over a woman?I understand he is battling depression and feels used somewhat.Here is a ma who discovered a talent,harnessed her and now that she is a big star does not want to know.That will kill  any man's pride.

Then there is the accusation of Tiwa Savage sleeping with Don Jazzy,2Face and Dr Sid.
But to commit suicide? Want to jump over a bridge for that? That's too much if you ask me ,but the again suicide is a terrible thing.

Anyway this is an eye witness account of the moment Tee Billz was saved from jumping over Lekki Bridge in a suicide attempt.

Click here for  how Tee Billz accused Tiwa of Fcking Don Jazzy,2Face & Dr Sid.

When Teebillz shared his suicide note this morning on IG while pouring his heart out about the demise of his marriage to Tiwa Savage, many of us thought/hoped he was just talking, but he wasn't. Tunji 'Teebillz' Balogun tried to commit suicide this morning by jumping off the Lekki- Ikoyi toll bridge and this is fact!

According to an eye-witness named Chukwuma Ani, who witnessed the incident and was one of the men who pulled Teebillz off the bridge, he told LIB exclusively that around past 9 this morning while driving on the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge, a car hit his own from behind, damaging his car. He said he came out of the car and approached the driver of the vehicle that hit his. He didn't know who the man was (it was Teebillz) but he said he berated him for hitting his car and asked the man to come out and assess the damage caused to his car. The man looked at him and told him to leave...that he was there for a reason. That he was planning to commit suicide and Chukwuma Ani would hear about it later...

Don Jazzy said to have slept with Tiwa Savage according to her husband,along with 2Face and  Dr Sid.
Peter Okoye and Banky w saved Tee Billz from killing himself at the Lekki Ikoyi toll bridge today

Not knowing who the guy was or understanding why he was talking suicide, Mr Ani said he kept insisting that the driver must come down from his car and see the damage he had caused to his car. He said he noticed alcohol on the floor of the driver's car so thought the man was drunk. He said while shouting and berating the driver for hitting his car, the guy just suddenly drove his car with speed to the front.

Ani said he got into his own car and gave chase and was surprised to see the driver of the car parking his car in the middle of the bridge as other cars drove past. He said he parked in front of the driver and approached the man again, telling him that he couldn't even apologize for hitting his car and was instead trying to drive off. He said as he was berating the man, he (Teebillz) got down from his car and walked to the bridge railing.

He said he stood there wondering what the driver was trying to do and it was at that point that two other cars approached them. He said as he was trying to figure out who the new comers were, Teebillz had moved to the bridge railing and was trying to jump. Mr. Ani said a light skinned guy came out from the first car and began running towards Teebillz screaming and that was when he realized what was going on..

"I thought I was watching a movie" Ani told LIB "the man held the railing and tried to jump over it and that was when the yellow man held him and started shouting for help. The two of them nearly fell into the water. I quickly joined the yellow man to pull the guy out and while we were struggling with him, one PSquare twin (Peter Okoye) and Banky W joined us to pull the man out " Ani said
LIB called Peter Okoye to confirm he was there but he refused to say anything "Even if I was there, I can't say anything about it" he said.

We hear Teebillz is doing okay now and is surrounded by family and friends. People need to take depression seriously in Nigeria - a lot of people are so depressed and struggling and don't usually have anywhere to turn to for help. Let's always lend a helping hand. Hope Teebillz gets better.

So there is the story.I really hope Tee Billz gets help and comes out of this stronger.Nobody has come out of this a winner,and the Tiwa Savage brand has surely been tarred now.Lets hope every party involve dcan come out of this happier.


Bella Naija apparently reached out to some people who are closed to Tee Billz and this what what they managed to gather..
When asked if Tee Billz’ Instagram account was hacked, the source confirmed that the Instagram messages were posted by Tee Billz though he is being advised to say it was a hack.
On whether this is a publicity stunt of some sort – “definitely not” was the answer given.
On reports that Tee Billz attempted suicide this morning, our source declined to comment on this. However, he said “today has been a difficult and traumatic day for everyone. People should remember that there are children involved here and we should all be sensitive and supportive”
On how Tiwa Savage is coping, “pray for her like you would your sister in this situation”.
He ended by saying Tee Billz is “Safe and is surrounded by people who love him…Tunji is a great guy, he will overcome this”.
Happy to hear he is doing well...Long may it continue.All is well,this must be hell for Tiwa also.Imagine your whole life out there for millions all over the world just like that?
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