The Fayose China Photoshop pictures causing controversy online.

Photoshop Picture of  Fayose speaking to a group of investors?

Ayo Fayose China photoshop pictures.The Ekiti state governor has been in the news again.We all know how bullish Fayose is in his role as the opposition spokesman against the Buhari government and the APC.But his latest involvement is somewhat embarrassing if proven to be true.
The Ekiti State governor who was pictured in China few days ago speaking to a group of investors has been accused of photo-shopping the pictures.

It is reported that he was actually posing in-front of a tourist center while pretending to

address an audience.Looking closely the picture do seem strange and we just wonder why Fayose will resort to such or if he even knew about this at all.Maybe it was his PR team who put this together without his involvement? 

Fayose had been against Buhari's China trip and did not agree with the $6b Buhari was intending to borrow from the Chinese,saying that we could be mortgaging our future.

This was part of the reason for his China trip to raise awareness against this as well as speak to some group of investors.

Whatever the case,the Fayose China pictures,photoshop or not,fake or staged,does not look good.
Fayose and the fake picture taken in china

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