Who is the REAL King of Football,Maradona or Pele?

Who is the REAL King of Football,Maradona or Pele?

Pele and Maradona Kings of football.

King of Football.With another Champions league final is coming up..and the main question on the lips of fans of the beautiful game is "who is the best player in the world? Pele or Maradona "RONALDO or MESSI?
Well this got me wondering who actually is the all time king of Football,the 2 names that come to mind mostly are obviously PELE &MARADONA.

king of soccer

When i was younger..it was Pele..even though i never really saw him play..i saw little footages like everybody else of my generation but never actually saw him play..but what i remember is no one ever argued or disputed the fact he was the King..black or white,Europeans or South Americans..dont even talk about Africans..u were banished into the bush if u so much as try to even question this...while playing a game of football which was popularly known as SET we all wanted to be Pele..
This went on for a while till a little GENIUS called DIEGO MARADONA came along..i actually saw him play at his prime and his skill and ability was just ridiculous..and so the debate and arguments began..who was the best DIEGO or PELE?

Much as it pained me i was forced to admit to myself that DIEGO was actually the greatest..i had watched him play so many times..and even though i saw little footage of PELE they were mainly him taking a shot or a free kick to score a goal.

Well this was until tonight when i had problems getting to sleep in the early hours of the morning and decided to log onto you tube...i was watching something about Manchester United and Barcelona,which led me to George Best,which Led to Pele (You know what its like on Youtube,they just link you on and on)

Maradona hand of God
Maradona after single handedly destroying England at the world cup with 2 goals.

I then decided to watch a posting on Pele and i swear i was amazed by what i saw..not only did Pele display every bit of Skill i had seen Maradona display including those reminiscent of the goal Maradona scored against England in the world cup(he didnt manage to score with his hand though...lol)he single handedly tore teams apart,he was strong on the ball and they couldn't knock him off,he picked out team mates effortlessly,scored all kinds of goals,dribbles,shots from everywhere..in the box out of the box and from angles that he even had no right contemplating a shot from,he scored free kicks,penalties and was the first to make the overhead kick(SANGALO)FAMOUS..
And he did this on a more consistent level for many many years!...He scored goals created by himself single handedly beating half of the opposing team!..Just imagine Ronaldo having the kind of season he had last year for Manchester United scoring 40 odd goals putting in some incredible performances along the way and doing this for 20 years ?Would there ever have been an argument of him being the best of all time?

There is also the little matter of him scoring 1,283 goals!!!..And he wasn't on drugs like Diego...
So pls take 7 mins of your time to watch these two videos,one of Pele and the other of Maradona. ..and if you have ever wondered or doubted PELE being the King of Soccer..this would definitely give you an answer..(Either for or against)

So maybe i'm a little biased because my childhood faith has been restored,or maybe i am actually reacting based on what i have just seen..after watching this footage,ask yourself...WHO REALLY IS THE KING OF SOCCER?

Written by Wale Morads for Queen Olofofo
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