Young Nigerian and African men who marry old white women for papers.

Old white women who marry young African men.
Nigerian man marries old White woman.How many times have we seen those headlines?They seem to be getting more and more each day.Sad thing is its so obvious why these weddings take place.The economical state of the country is so bad that young people are willing to do anything to
get out of the country.How else do you explain a young man of say 24 marrying an old woman of 65?
Younger African men marrying old white women

Sadly,the old white women are the ones who pay for this.These old women are vulnerable,they are swept off their feet,they are made to feel young again and we all know that when you fall in love,you become the most stupid person! You fail to see sense even though everyone else around you sees it and tried to warn you.


What's love got to do with it?

It must be love...

Another Nigerian man marries woman old enough to be his grand mother!


28 year old Ugandan singer Guvnor ace and his 68 year old Swedish wife.

28-year-old Ugandan singer Guvnor Ace weds 68-year-old Swedish woman8
On their wedding day.
It should be noted though that it is not only Nigerian men who marry these cougars.So many countries in Africa and the Caribbean engage in this practise as well.How many times have we heard of older white women who went on holidays to Jamaica,Trinidad,the Gambia,Senegal etc,met this young man,sold all their belongings to be with him and a year or 2 later the man is gone?

There was a big story just about a year ago of the Ugandan musician Guvnor Ace who married an old Swedish white woman.He was in his late 20s while she was68 years old.Now it does not take a genius to know this was not going to end well.But the Swedish grandmother refused to listen and said they were in love.Well,they got to Europe and a few months later the Ugandan musician disappeared with a younger woman leaving the grandmother heart broken and crying all over the internet!

There is no fool like an old fool in love the old saying goes.People will always be taken advantage of in love.Older men fall for younger women who are after the money all the time.Now the table has turned,younger men are going out with their grandmothers and even marrying them to get a better life....Good luck and look before you leap!


  1. i think i am one of these stupped older white women not married yet but the man i am in love with . we have been talking for four years, skyping as well now he wants to come an on f1 visa, i know i love him but even though he tells me that he loves me i worry now about the thought of him only wanting his blue card he is always telling me im wrong how can i know if he is telling the truth

  2. Offer to go live with him in this country instead.

  3. What will that prove, he may not get his great card but he has never stopped from wanting to visiting. And has said it would be fine.right now he in India working on finishing his degree. I am going there soon to meet him and his brother, or let's say I'm planning to go. He wants me there very much

  4. I'm curious Susan as to where things are now with your relationship...I am in the same situation...mine wants me to come to him first and meet his family...he gives no indication of a green card...but you never know...how is your situation right now?

    1. They don't show you that they need the green card,they always talk as if its true love.They may even hide it for years.The real reasons why they want you in their country is to fulfill a part of requirement for the visa(green-card) which says the foreign spouse must visit the man in their resident first.