Come inside Huddah Munroe's luxury house and see her old shack

The house Huddah Munroe grew up in as a child.

Huddah Munroe House.Former BBA house mate Huddah Munroe has come a long way since she took part in the African version of Big Brother that changed her life..Seeing the house she used to live in with her family is just unbelievable! But so many people have this kind of story,from grass to grace.Huddah now drives a pink Range Rover and her flat is luxury personified.She shared some pictures with her fans and we also managed to find a picture of her old house.

She however said she is not ashamed of where she comes from and her past.This is really refreshing to hear.
But what impressed me most is the nice little house she bought for her mother.That is so beautiful.You might think this is not a big deal,but you will be shocked at the number of people who forget their parents once they hit the big time.
The young lady from Kenya has achieved so much in her life at a very young age.Her biography tells Huddah Monroe whose real name is Alhuda Njoroge was born in October 1991 making her 24 years old. 

Huddah with her mother as a child.

The house Huddah Munroe bought for her mother.
Inside her bedroom.

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