Anthony Joshua says Eba and Pounded yam is secret of my success!

Anthony Joshua says Eba and Pounded yam is secret of my success!

Joshua became the Commonwealth heavyweight champion after defeating Gary Cornish last weekend

Anthony Joshua origin.The current IBF World Champion has revealed the secret of his success is the popular Nigerian cuisine Eba and Pounded Yam! Anthony revealed this in an interview at an event.
Anthony Joshua biography.
When asked if the champion born Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua on the 15th of October 1989 in Watford England feels more British or Nigerian,the boxer born to Nigerian parents replied-i'm a citizen of the world.I feel British and i feel Nigerian,and yes i am a Nigerian man,i have Nigerian blood.
But the interviewer was not gonna give up so easily.He reminded the world Champion that when a Nigerian British commits a crime,he is deemed as a Nigerian in the press,but when he achieves success,he is Brit,Anthony turned on that beaming smile of his showing all his
teeth and said,"lets focus on the success and not the crimes"

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua

Anthony Joshua parents.
He was then told how Nigerians were proud of him and everybody was talking about him back home,replying to this,the champ replied it makes him feel very proud and he wants to go home and see the governor and contribute in anyway he can.He also said he and his family have always given back in their own little way,especially to the community where his mother comes from.Anthony Joshua's mother is from the Yoruba tribe,so i am guessing he is talking about a governor from the Yoruba part of the country.He still lives with social worker mum Yeta Odusanya in a former council flat in North London.He recently bought her a Range Rover jeep.

Anthony Joshua and his Nigerian mother Yeta pose proudly for a picture
Anthony Joshua as a child with his mother and sister.

An older Anthony Joshua with his mother Yeta Odusanya at home in England

anthony Joshua knocked out American Charles Martin in the second round to win world title in London
Anthony Joshua beat the American Charles Martin to win the IBF title.
Joshua knocks down Charles Martin during their world title fight
Anthony became the fifth-fastest boxer to win the heavyweight world title

On if he can speak the language,he laughed and replied a little,so he was asked "bawo ni"?He replied i am good,laughing,he was further asked Kilonshele?He also smiled replying yea i'm good.But he finally said something in Yoruba when he replied to his ability to speak and understand Yoruba by replying "die die" meaning a little.

His final contribution was the funniest when asked about Nigerian food.Joshua replied,that is the secret of my success,the Eba and the Pounded yam...So there you have it,those loaded missiles from Anthony Joshua's fist comes from his Nigeria food!

Anthony Joshua is a mountain of a man.He stands at 6 foot 6 inches tall(1.98m) and weighs 106 kilograms.He is the current IBF heavyweight champion, and also holds the WBC International, British, and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.

On his personal life,Anthony Joshua has a 6 month old son.He revealed that part of his life a few weeks ago.He is not married but had the child with his baby mama Nicole who he has had a bit of a turbulent relationship with over the years.His son Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua was born at Watford General Hospital on October 6.

Anthony Joshua's son Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince was born on the 6th of october

With success has come money and the women flocking around,Joshua has already been linked with world beauties such as supermodel Cara Delevingne, 23, and X Factor beauty Rita Ora, 25.
Anthony Joshua's nickname is AJ.The earnings also is starting to grow in figures.Joshua's net worth as of 2016 is $10.5m.The Experts have said he could overtake the multi-million pound earnings of Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton to become Britain's Richest sportsman.He will need lots of knockouts to achieve that feat though.Anthony Hamilton took home £30m last year alone!

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