Tee Billz First marriage before Tiwa,his baby Mamas and children

Tee Billz First marriage before Tiwa,his baby Mamas and children

Kenea Maete Udoh is the first wife from tee billz first marriage

You all must know that Teel Billz was married before he hooked up with Tiwa Savage.His marriage status is actually not well known,some say Tee Billz was married once while others say 2ce.

We also know now that Tee Billz had at least one baby mama,two if he was indeed married just once previously.One thing i must say though is the guy made some beautiful children.He has three sons and a daughter.Tee Billz first son is actually a grown up.And we all know he and Tiwa had a
little son Jamal.
I actually don't see any big deal in he being married previously or having a baby mama.It doesn't matter how a baby came about,once they are here,they are here.The next step is to give them love and care.What good does it do to start labeling one child as that of a baby mama or a second or third wife?In my opinion the important thing is if he faced up to his responsibility or was honest with those involved.We tend
to get too carried away with this one man one woman thing,forgetting that we are Africans and this was our culture for thousands of years.I bet if the west says its okay now to have more than one wife,we will all embrace it and think its the cool thing to do.

Tee Billz and jamal his son with tiwa savage

Tee Billz First marriage.The lady in this picture Kenea Maete Udoh is Tee Billz' first wife.She is not Tiwa Savage's biggest fan .She once accused her of giving a fake impression to restore her image among fans.The reason why Tee Biilz' first wife said this was cos Tiwa wished her child Olabisi a happy birthday on instagram.Kenea then accused her of not actually calling the child,saying it was a fake shout out.See the message below...

Dr Oputa and Tee Billz.And now,the mother of Tunji Balogun, Tiwa Savage's estranged husband's 4th child has just been revealed. Her name is Dr. Vivian Oputa, a medical practitioner and specialist in aesthetic medicine, surgery and dermatology.

The fourth baby Mama of Tee Bills Dr Oputa
The most recent baby Mama of Tee Billz just discovered,Dr Vivian Oputa.

She is the medical director of DermaCare Medical Ltd. and Clinical Director of the Clover Medical Company Beverly Hills, United States of America (USA). Together, Tunji and Vivian are reportedly parents to their daughter, Ona. Ona is Tunji's 3rd child before his son with Tiwa, Jamil was born. Encomium reports that Tiwa got to know about Ona the love child when she was already neck deep in her relationship with Tunji as both prepared for their nuptials which was eventually staged in Lagos in November 2013 and Dubai in April 2014, Desperation and love mingled to lead on the 35 year old stunner to tie the knots with 37 year old TeeBillz who is now the father of four children ( two from his alliance with his United Kingdom based lover, one for Dr. Oputa and Jamil with Tiwa). Encomium.ng learnt that when he began to sing about his affair with Dr. Oputa ( a divorcee in her 50s who also has an older daughter), TeeBillz reportedly claimed that all they had was a fling. 

Dr Vivian Oputa is said to have a child for Tee Billz and another of his baby mamas

Reportedly again, according to Capital.ng, TeeBillz was sent packing with his few personal effects from the home of R&B music star, Bankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W. It would be recalled that Banky W offered TeeBillz refuge soon after he allegedly rescued him from committing suicide on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. TeeBillz, allegedly attempted suicide on the afternoon of the day he accused his wife, Tiwa, of sleeping around with male entertainers, Don Jazzy, Tu Face Idibia and Dr. Sid. However, in a radical twist to the unfolding saga, Banky W’s mother allegedly called her son and ordered him to eject TeeBillz from his apartment soon after watching his estranged wife, Tiwa Savage’s interview. 

Tee Billz first marriage and baby mamas
Baby Mamas and wives of Tee Billz.
We gathered that Banky W’s mother told her son pointblank that he should ask TeeBillz to leave his apartment after the woman watched Tiwa’s teary revelations about her marriage with him in an interview. Tunji vacated the apartment immediately.
I think if this did indeed happen,that would be very sad.People need help when they are down.But you never know what to believe once news becomes a free for all as it is in this case.

Tee Billz baby Mama.

Tee Billz baby mama pregnant with his child

teebillz first marriage to Kenea Maete Udoh produced 2 children

the first born and son of tee billz balogun

Olabisi balogun the daughter of tee billz and her brother
Son and daughter.
Look alike son of Tee Bill Tunji Balogun.

olabisi balogun the first daughter of tee billz

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