Azealia Banks tweets about Zayn Malik gets her banned from UK Show

Azealia banks and Zayn MALIK
Azealia Bank Tweets finally got her in trouble. The very vocal rapper's tweets has cost her a major gig..She was set to headline the Born and Bred festival in the UK but after her twitter exchanges with Zayn Malik,and 14 year old Skai Jackson.
She also blasted UK rappers, saying they can't rap.

During the singer’s original tirade, she branded Malik and his mother “refugees”, accused

the  former One Direction star of “eating sand” and “sucking d-ck”, as well as claiming that Lady Gaga “is over” and that Rihanna has been “f**ked in every hole.”

azealia banks and skai jacksonazealia banks and zayn Malik

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