Subsidy removal sends Nigeria fuel price to N145 per litre

reasons for removal of fuel subsidy
press statement on subsidy removal in Nigeria and fuel price at 145 Naira per litre

Latest news on Fuel price in Nigeria.The  Hon Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu has released a statement on the current fuel situation in the
country and the outcome of the meeting with stakeholders today..He has confirmed fuel will now sell for N145 per litre..
effect of fuel subsidy in Nigerian economy

Reactions to Nigeria fuel price at 145 naira per litre

benefits of fuel subsidy removal

Nigerians reactions to subsidy removal and increase in fuel price to N145 per litre.
One of those who has been feeling the full brunt of Nigerians is Babatunde Fashola.Nigerians on social media on Wednesday mocked the Minister of Power, Works, Housing, Fashola over a tweet he published more than one year ago dissing former President Goodluck Jonathan for a meagre reduction in pump price of petrol.
The reaction followed Wednesday’s deregulation of Nigeria’s petroleum downstream which saw the price of petrol increased by the federal government to N145 per litre, nearly double the previous N86.50 rate.
Mr. Fashola, a former governor of Lagos State, is now a key member of the ruling All Progressives’ Congress government.
Petrol price per litre in Nigeria.
The deregulation and its effect on petrol prices stand starkly against the thoughts he shared in the January 2015 tweet which berated the former president for reducing the price of petrol by only 10 percent even though the price of crude oil dropped by over 50%.
“PMS price reduction by N10. Now they listen. Oil the raw material drop (sic) over 50%, N10 is just about 10%. Good try but Nigeria can get a beta deal,” Mr. Fashola tweeted.
Many commenters accused the APC government of double standards, and said the party had promised lower prices of fuel.
Fuel Price in Nigeria 2016.
“What’s your point Sir, a barrel of oil cost $43 in the international market, a litre now cost 145 in Nigeria,” a Twitter user, Holy Pastor, replied to Fashola’s old tweet.
“Just waiting for ur apology to Nigerian people what a shame!” another user, Chichi Efochi said.
Senator Ebydon tweeted: “How far Fashola? Still on the same lane?”
Omooba Adedapo tweeted: “That moment during the campaign when Fashola said the drop in oil price shouldn’t result to a drop in pump price. How’s the change now?”
Mr. Fashola is yet to tweet his support or otherwise for his government’s new stand.Fshola is yet to react to the latest happenings.
Fuel subsidy reactions

145 naira per litre fuel reactions

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