Transgender Rajee Narinesingh has cement in face finally removed

rajee narinesingh BOTCHED
Rajee narinesingh before :Transgender surgery gone wrong.A woman whose face was left disfigured after she received black market injections from a self-proclaimed 'physician' has finally had the cement nodules removed from underneath her skin.
Rajee Narinesingh, a 48-year-old transgender woman from Hollywood, Florida, who received harmful injections made up of cement and tire sealant in her cheeks, chin, and lips at a 'pumping party' in 2005.

After more than a decade of living with the damage that was once deemed untreatable, she

met with Los Angeles-based surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif for the second time on Tuesday's season premiere of the E! reality series Botched.

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Rajee Narinesingh

Transgender Rajee Narinesingh before

 plastic surgery gone wrong rajee narinesingh

botched surgery rajee narinesingh PICTURES

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