Canadian woman in Ontario drives car into Lake following GPS Directions!(Picture)

canadian woman drives her car into a lake following her gps directions

A Canadian woman from Kitchener, Ontario, ended up in a lake  on May 12 after following her car's GPS directions.
Hahahahaha,we've all been there,maybe not quite as far as the lake,but you know that moment when you think,hey does this GPS know what it's doing at all? You then quickly turn around,unfortunately some like this Canadian woman are very obedient and will follow their Sat Navigator to the ends of the world if it says so!
According to The Canadian Press, the 23-year-old driver's visibility was impaired that night due to rain and fog, which resulted in her taking a deadly wrong turn into Lake Huron.

Ontario Provincial Police said the woman thought she was driving on the road when she accidentally drove off a boat launch on Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory, Ontario.

Const. Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert said the woman managed to roll down the window and swim about 30 metres to shore in 4 °C water before her Toyota Yaris was completely submerged under water.

Rubinstein-Gilbert said the woman, who has declined to the speak the media, did not suffer any injuries and is in "really good spirits," adding that she felt "a little embarrassed, but taking it all in stride."

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