Prophet TB Joshua a superhero as he helps Ghanaian Police arrest criminal

Prophet TB Joshua a superhero as he helps Ghanaian Police arrest criminal

Prophet tb joshua prophetic stories are a joke and a fraudkweku yeboah is the notorius armed robber who escaped from ghanaian police before being re arrested
TB Joshua helps police capture notorius Ghanaian robber.Another ridiculous story from the Prophet TB Joshua stables.Who believes all these daft stories?Now he has helped in the recapturing of a notorious Ghanaian armed robber Kweku Yeboah.Really?No wonder our police are so useless when you have to rely on this to do your job.
Tawia Acheampong, a freelance journalist based in Accra, Ghana, sent in the report. Read below...
A shocking new twist has emerged in the tale of the armed robber who was re-arrested in Ghana on Monday 16th May 2016 after controversially absconding under police guard. According to a Facebook post by popular Nigerian ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua, the detainment of the notorious suspect in his hometown of Kwetri-Adentia had surprisingly ‘spiritual’ undertones.
Kweku Yeboah, the alleged leader of a brutal robbery attack near Sunyani, Ghana on Monday 2nd May 2016, escaped from police custody several days later whilst being nursed at a hospital for injuries he sustained during the incident.

With the suspect on the loose and fear rife in the community, the policeman under whose watch Yeboah escaped was instantly implicated and given a ten-day ultimatum to produce him or face disciplinary action.

According to Joshua’s Facebook page, the policeman in question decided to seek ‘Divine intervention’ by visiting Joshua’s church after six days of frantic searching had elapsed without any sign of success. “I had a suspect escape from my custody in the hospital when I was detailed to guide him,” Constable Edwin Akpalu is seen narrating in an accompanying video uploaded to Facebook, adding that he faced expulsion from the police and a probable prison sentence.

The police man vividly detailed how Yeboah, who escaped from the handcuffs which were tied to his hospital bed, covered himself with a white bed sheet whilst fleeing in the dead of night. Akpalu had attempted to shoot the suspect as he was running hurriedly away but held back as a nurse was moving along the same corridor, fearing he might kill an innocent health official.

“Some friends advised me to go for black magic, which I was contemplating,” the constable admitted as days passed without any signs of Yeboah’s recapture. “I told my dad about the issue. He told me I should not go and kneel down to any black power because God is the final authority, that I should come to The SCOAN to see Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and whatever he says is final.”

According to the Facebook post, Joshua sent a message to the embattled constable, assuring him that the suspect would be apprehended as he had been ‘chained spiritually’, proceeding to cover his transport costs with a gift of $1,000. Akpalu collapsed on the floor upon hearing Joshua’s pronouncement. “Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for vindicating me, or else four days from now, I would be in jail,” he tearfully acknowledged.

The re-arrest of Yeboah is seen as a confirmation of Joshua’s ‘prophecy’. It comes on the heels of the cleric’s prediction of an impending terrorist attack in Ghana which made headline news across the country last month.
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