Doctor who helped 72 year old woman have baby speaks....

72 year old woman who had a baby and the doctor who treated her in the IVF process

72 year old woman has baby through IVF fertility treatment was the news that spread like wild fire on all news medium.While some thought the news that a 72-year-old Indian woman, Daljinder Kaur, given birth to a baby boy, after 46 years of marriage,was a miracle,some were appalled by the thought. Many people blasted the doctor for giving a woman a child through IVF at that age, knowing
that the child will become an orphan soon. I also agree with these people,it is a very selfish act as far as i am concerned.That child will lose its mother and father anytime in the nearest future,losing one parent is abd enough,but losing two?
72 year old Daljinder Kaur and her baby with her husband

Well,the doctor behind the 72 year old woman having the baby Dr Anurag Bishnoi, has however sad he is unperturbed, as he feels he’s done the right thing. Speaking to daily mail, he said: “A woman’s age is no factor for me when I consider helping them to become a mother. I am only concerned with their pre and post pregnancy health.
In this part of the world couples without children don’t feel part of the society, it has terrible consequences on a couple’s place in their community. We have a different family system in India compared to Britain. When I see a woman, who has struggled to become a mother and has been depressed for decades, it gives me ultimate happiness to put a child in her arms.
We want to see them happy and their happiness is our happiness. There is no better thing in this world for a couple than having a child and for those who do not have children, it’s the worst kind of punishment.
A 60-year-old woman from a rural part of India is as healthy and fit as a 45-year-old woman with an urban lifestyle. And as long as my 60 and 70-year-old patients are fit I’ll continue to help them.’ The son, Armaan, was born by caesarian on April 19, weighing 4lbs 4oz.

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