Itokun Shopping Mall Complex Abeokuta collapses kills many(Photos)

Itokun Shopping Mall Complex Abeokuta collapses kills many(Photos)

MANY feared dead at the collapsed Itokun shopping mall in Abeokuta ogun state
Itokun Shopping Mall Abeokuta collapsed today while still under construction killing at least 10 people! Many more people are feared dead after the four-storey shopping mall that is still under construction at Itokun in Ogun state collapsed this morning. The shopping mall is reportedly being constructed by the Ogun state government.
When are Nigerians lives going to start having value with these selfish people who cut corners while building all these structures? How many times have we heard such news as
the collapsed Itokun shopping mall?
Now the shocking thing here is this particular mall was being constructed by the state government Ogun State.If a government can't even get this right,then what hope to the private builders? If we can't trust the government,who do we trust?Imagine if this Itokun ultra mordern market had collapsed when it was opened?How many casualties would we be talking about?
pictures from the collapsed Itokun shopping mall abeokuta
As of now,we have no official explanation why the Itokun Shopping mall in Abeokuta collapsed and as a result killing more than 10 people,but it doesn't take a genius to figure,some underhand tactics had gone on.Some inferior quality of construction and building materials have been used,all in the name of trying to save money and cut corners-CORRUPTION.This is one of the reasons why the world now sees us as fantastically corrupt.

How may times have you heard of a 4 storey building site being built by the government collapse in the western world?

The Itokun Abeokuta Shopping Mall was reported to have collapsed at 8.30 am this morning according to eye witnesses.
The state Governor Ibikunle Amosun was seen at the site in Itokun trying to direct rescuers during the operation of rescuing those feared to have been caught in the building collapse.A citizen could be heard saying "Ijoba wa  e o se ohun to da fun wa" meaning-you have failed us our Government by not looking after our interests.
Governor Ibikunle Amosun must be very embarrassed by this latest happening because he is a governor that has really been on hand in trying to take Ogun State to greater heights.

Friday the 13th indeed turned out to be a sad day at the Itokun shopping mall in Abeokuta,so many lives lost.May their souls rest in peace.

 Rescue operation for those trapped in the building is ongoing. More photos after the cut...

The under construction Itokun shopping complex that collapsed in Abeokuta on the 13th of May

 Photo credit: Amaechi Olawuyi
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