Fans jump on Banky W calling his Yeezy shoes Fake

fans say banky w yeezy shoes are fake

Fake Banky W Yeezy shoes.Banky W has got the Linda Ikeji treatment after fans jumped on him calling his Yeezy shoes which was a present from his brother fake.Remember Linda Ikeji had to go through the same thing with her Hermes bag.The funny thing about this is,these Mr know it all people can't afford these items,yet they are the ones who supposedly know every detail,where they are made ,how many hours went into the production and what they smell like,lol.

Banky W when he heard his Yeezy shoes were fake!..lol

Well Banky W's Yeezy shoes might be fake,and they might not be,but i hope he learnt a lesson too today.Once you put yourself on display,you give these jobless people the chance to jump on your sh#t! I'm surprised though,cos usually Banky is a very private person who doesn't do things like this.He must really love the shows and how they feel.

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