Nanny Covenant who kidnapped David arrested while trying to sell Him.

Nanny Covenant who kidnapped david ekpedeme arrested

    Nanny who kidnapped 1 year old David Ekpedeme arrested.After allegedly abducting a she was mandated to care for, nanny Covenant Bassey fled.

    She allegedly took David from his home in the Satellite Town area of Calabar on Friday. She was allegedly at the point of selling the baby when she was arrested.

    Mrs. Uche Robinson, David’s mother, wrote in a Facebook post on Monday the nanny has been arrested by the police.

    Kidnapped David Ekpeme found.

  • Her post reads:

    David has been found Hallelujah…I want to say a very big thank you to all who showed concern with their prayers, test messages, media post/shares and tags during this hard time of looking for my son. David and the nanny were found today at Trailer Park, Onne, where she was trying to sell the baby.

    David is a year and six months old. Nanny Covenant Bassey is about 18 years of age. 

1 year old david ekpedeme kidnapped

kidnapped david ekpedeme and his family

Recounting how their son was kidnapped,the mother had stated -I got to the house on Friday by 2pm and eventually realised that my nanny absconded with my one and five months old baby ,David Ekpedeme Robinson Kindly join us in prayers. The girl's name is Covenant Bassey,  about The girl's name is Covenant Bassey,  about 18years old,  dark in complexion.  My son's name is David Ekpedeme Robinson, a year and six months old,  very fair in complexion.  This thing happened on Friday, 13th May2016. old,  dark in complexion. 

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