Messy Drama of Burna Boy and Uju Stella who claims to be Pregnant.

Messy Drama of Burna Boy and Uju Stella who claims to be Pregnant.

uju stella shares picture of her pregnancy which she says is for burna boystella Uju the girl who claims she is pregnant by burna boy
Burna Boy and Uju Stella Pregnancy.Never known a year like this for so much Naija celebrity drama.A girl named Stella Uju claimed to be pregnant for popular Nigerian and African star Burna Boy. she shared baby bump photo (left). She also went on his instagram page and started making allegations that he threatened her over the phone. See more of the drama after the cut.


Uju Stella claims Burna Boy broke into her home with some friends and she has gone to the Police to file a report.

And now in the latest of the messy situation,the pregnant girl Uju Stella having last week claim Burna Boy was threatening her,today shared a photo of her door and said he broke through it and that she was going to the police to report.
And it doesn't end there,Burna himself fired back..

Burna Boy in the video he posted singing he was only intimate with Uju one time and now she claims to be pregnant.
Burna Boy this evening released a video where he's seen mocking Uju for allegedly getting pregnant for him. He claims he had s.ex with her just once. In the video shared via Instagram, he lip syncs to the recorded song which has lyrics like - 'F'ed that girl once and now she's claiming that she's pregnant'.And these are people who get endorsement brands? Really shocking..What if that child really turns out to be his? How will that kid feel in later years having seen all this nonsense?Only time will tell if Burna or the girl is lying,whoever is lying among them,they have both been incredibly stupid,the girl should not have gone public and Burna has reacted in a rude silly and vulgar manner.

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